Jun 06, 2023

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Bureaucrat is a testing permission that allows users to add administrator, bureaucrat, bot and interwiki administrator permissions to other accounts. They also have the ability to revoke these permissions from other accounts.

The bureaucrat permission is primarily used for testing, but bureaucrats can perform serious actions if a steward is unavailable to perform these actions when they become necessary to prevent disruption. These actions may include blocks, unblocks, protections, and rights removal. Bureaucrats are advised to consult a steward before performing these actions, but they are recommended to ultimately use common sense.

Criteria for granting[edit source]

While there are exceptions, such as trust on other projects, to be granted with the bureaucrat bit, a user should:

  1. have been an administrator for four days;
  2. made at least ten edits;
  3. be trusted by the community.

Revocation of rights[edit source]

List of bureaucrats[edit source]

There are currently 8 bureaucrats on For-Test Wiki.