Jun 06, 2023

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TestWiki:Inactivity policy

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 This page presents information about an official For-Test Wiki policy.
Please ensure that you fully understand this page's contents. Even though For-Test Wiki is for testing, there are some important policies, including the one detailed on this page, that you should follow. This page is approved by the community and must not be modified without prior community consensus.

For security reasons, users in advanced user groups will have their rights removed if they exceed the inactivity time limit.

For administrators and bureaucrats

Any administrators or bureaucrats that have no edits or logged actions except requesting permissions after 1 month has passed since creating their account will have their rights removed by a steward or bureaucrat.

Any admins and bureaucrats that created their account more than a month ago, or that have other edits besides requesting permissions that have made no edits or logged actions within the last three months will have their rights revoked by a steward or bureaucrat. They may re-request the rights at any time.

For non-test rights

Non-test rights such as steward, system administrator, or suppressor will be removed after 6 weeks of inactivity. For users who hold non-test rights, in order to keep your permissions, it’s mandatory to complete a logged action every six weeks, even if nothing needs to be maintained.