Jun 07, 2023

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TestWiki:Non-test action policy

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 This page presents information about an official For-Test Wiki policy.
Please ensure that you fully understand this page's contents. Even though For-Test Wiki is for testing, there are some important policies, including the one detailed on this page, that you should follow. This page is approved by the community and must not be modified without prior community consensus.

This particular policy is mainly to be followed whilst performing non-test actions described below, but it also contains conduct guidelines that must be observed at all times.


Non-test blocks are placed by bureaucrats and stewards. Only stewards can mark blocks as steward actions, however, regular administrators, in general, should not reverse a non-test block placed by a bureaucrat, or by a steward not clearly indicating a steward action or that private evidence was considered without extremely good reason, such as a convincing appeal or the fact that the block does not appear to be based on fact. Non-test blocks are placed for disruptive editing such as but not limited to:

  • Testing on non-test pages;
  • inserting profanity into any page;
  • spam or otherwise advertising on any page;
  • miscellaneous disruption/vandalism;
  • violating the conduct guidelines in this policy.

Steward actions must not be reversed without consulting with a steward. There may also be other blocks that are irreversible, such as oversight blocks. Oversight blocks are based on information that has been removed from administrators' view, and therefore, a suppressor or steward must be consulted. For the purposes of this policy, any block based on CheckUser evidence is considered a steward action, as only stewards have access to CheckUser. Reversing a steward action or oversight block without consultation may be grounds for removal of administrative privileges, or depending on the disruption it causes, revocation of editing privileges using the block system.


Serious protection may be used at the discretion of any individual administrator. It may freely be reversed. However, bureaucrat or steward protection should generally be reserved for extremely high-traffic pages or serious incidents of disruption.


Serious deletion can be made by any administrator and is truly discretionary. It may be used and reversed at will.

However, as Revision Deletion is a way to hide actions for less serious incidents, it should not be reversed without good reason. This includes profanity, personal attacks, copyrighted content, and anything that should be hidden from public view. Suppression is an advanced form of revision deletion that hides material from all users that are not suppressors.

Wheel warring

Reinstating a reversed non-test administrative action is wheel warring unless there is an extremely good reason to reinstate the reversed action. Wheel warring is grounds for the removal of administrative privileges by a steward/bureaucrat, usually after a warning.

Conduct guidelines

Please treat other users with respect. Harassment, hate speech, and personal threats are not allowed and would be reported to a steward. Examples of inappropriate behavior include but are not limited to:

  • making repeated personal attacks towards users;
  • casting aspersions;
  • making false accusations;
  • attributing statements to users without them having been made.


Usernames on For-Test Wiki must not be:

  • promotional in nature;
  • impersonating a well-known user on For-Test Wiki or cross-wiki;
  • profane/inappropriate.

In general, use common sense when creating a username.