Jun 03, 2023

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TestWiki:Privacy policy

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 This page presents information about an official For-Test Wiki policy.
Please ensure that you fully understand this page's contents. Even though For-Test Wiki is for testing, there are some important policies, including the one detailed on this page, that you should follow. This page is approved by the community and must not be modified without prior community consensus.

This policy outlines what information, no matter personal identifiable or non-personal identifiable data, are collected and stored by For-Test Wiki and how it is used.

Anonymous usage

Before the creation of a user account on For-Test Wiki, a user has the ability to browse, and in most cases the right to edit pages. In the case mentioned where you edit without a registered user account, instead of contributions made under the registered user account's name, the contributions made are stored under your IP address. If you do not want your IP address to be publicly displayed, you may like to create an account. If you have accidentally edited while logged out, contact an suppressor who can hide it from public view.

Data collected upon visiting

Upon visiting For-Test Wiki without a registered user account, no data will be collected by us or third parties. If logged in, visits to the site will be logged in a private CheckUser log associated with your username. This information is kept in a private log that can only be accessed by users with CheckUser rights, and is kept for 90 days for counter-vandalism purposes. Checkuser rights will only be assigned to duly chosen stewards to protect users privacy.

To store user logins, For-Test Wiki uses cookies to remember your login for a specific period of time. If you do not wish for login cookies to be stored on your machine, you may uncheck "Keep me logged in" on the login page.

Data collected upon contributing

Upon contributing to For-Test Wiki, certain information such as web browser and IP address are collected and stored by the software that For-Test Wiki operates on. This information is kept in a private log that can only be accessed by users with CheckUser rights and is kept for 90 days for counter-vandalism purposes. If you contribute to For-Test Wiki anonymously, or without logging in to a registered account, your IP address is publicly stored in association with the contributions you make.

Data collected upon account creation

Upon registering a user account on Test Wiki, your username and password will be collected and stored securely on our server. Your real name, however, is optional while registering with an account. Your username, and if you supply one, your real name, is publicly accessible by any visitor on Test Wiki. Your password is kept private on the Test Wiki server. It is your responsibility to keep your password private to only yourself.

As per privacy reasons, we have disabled all email confirmations as well as the Special:EmailUser feature. As all emails go through our host’s mail server, we cannot confirm that they will not spoof your private emails. Therefore, to best protect your privacy, we have locked such a feature.

Erasure of Personally Identifiable Information

You have a right to request erasure of PII stored by For-Test Wiki. Wiki Contributions are typically not subject to this clause, as under the Berne Convention, all your contributions are governed by copyright for 50 years by default unless otherwise stated.

To make a request, please contact For-Test Wiki’s owner (User:Matttest (ForTestWiki)).

Previous versions

This version of the privacy policy is applicable starting from 2022-09-03 and will replace the previous versions of the privacy policy. You can browse the previous version of the privacy policy in the following links.