Jun 06, 2023

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TestWiki:Steward practices

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This page lists some best practices that stewards usually stick to. It is important to note that this isn't a policy, just a guideline, and stewards do not have to follow it.

Granting rights

Practices followed when granting rights.

Interface administrator

The user is considered sufficiently trusted enough for the right if:

  • A: They are established on the wiki (1+ month usually) or
  • B: They present proof of good CSS/JS work done in another wiki.

They have a good reason for requesting too.

Interface administrator is almost never granted for testing purposes, as it can affect site JS.


CheckUser is not granted by Stewards except to themselves, per the privacy policy and the non-test action policy.


Usually, an 80% support ratio or higher is needed to promote. Generally, we would also like the request to be open for at least 5 days and have at least 3 !votes.


Similar to suppressors, we look for at least an 80% support ratio. We also would like the request to be open from 5 days and have at least 3! votes.

Serious blocks

CheckUser blocks

A CheckUser block is used when technical evidence supports existing behavioral evidence or confirms sockpuppetry based on the behavioral evidence.

Steward actions

A Steward action is a block used by a steward to prevent others from reversing the block, or putting more lenient settings on the original block, and it is used in cases where the block itself is controversial, or an unblock might cause harm to the wiki, such as a private investigation, criminal allegations, etc. A steward action must explicitly be marked either as such or as a CheckUser block mentioned above. If not, then it is a regular administrative action per the non-test action policy.