Jun 06, 2023

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User-info.svg This page presents information about an official For-Test Wiki user group.

Suppressors are users who have been granted the right at TestWiki:Community portal. They have the ability to remove information from the eyes of sysops.

To request an edit or action be suppressed, contact a suppressor off-wiki through email or IRC. A list of suppressors can be found here. Suppressors will have a contact email on their user page.

Usage[edit source]

Suppression is used when regular revision deletion would be inappropriate, such as personally identifiable information, along with edits that are so grossly insulting that even an administrator shouldn't see it, or threats of harm against another person. Do note that this list is not limited to only these examples, and a suppressor may choose to suppress something else, however, suppressors will generally be cautious when using suppression for another reason. Examples of Personally Identifiable Information:

  • Physical addresses
  • IP addresses of a registered user
  • Credit card numbers
  • Information of any user that is not disclosed on the wiki (real-life names, etc)

In addition, suppressors may place emergency blocks to prevent a user from adding additional personal information, or blocks based on abuse of editing privileges that occurred and were removed from public records. These blocks are called oversight blocks.

Criteria for granting[edit source]

Suppressor is granted by community consensus at the community portal. It is considered a non-test role. Stewards are considered to be suppressors and may add themselves to the user group if needed.

List of suppressors[edit source]

Candidates for suppressor[edit source]

None at this time.