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In memoriam

May 25, 2022 - August 14, 2023

Welcome, visitor. This wiki is closed. Please read the following text thoroughly.

Hi, Matttestzh here. I have been saying this for the past few days, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. It's been a wonderful run, but as of 13/8/2023, I have decided to shut down this website for the time being. It's a difficult decision, but due to the following reasons, I believe this is the best choice.

  • (i) Bureaucracy policy adopted by some stewards, such as proposing and introducing huge amounts of policies where no user is willing to give ideas on so that the policy automatically pass;
  • (ii) the community put pressure on editing the privacy policy without consulting the sysadmins;
  • (iii) stewards blocking users for only 1 inappropriate action;
  • (iv) several users keep promoting non-open source software (including stewards), directly ignoring the commitment of the wiki and discrimination of users who don't use these software;
  • (v) bringing off-wiki disputes here which clearly isn't related to For-Test Wiki

(This all sums up as the collapse of the laid foundation of the wiki)

With this, the site is discontinued effective immediately. Thanks to good-faith users who have contributed to this wiki - this meant a lot to me as a site creator and I am happy to see you all testing and discussing about For-Test Wiki here as part of the community. Any attempts to test in this wiki or editing the main page will result in a immediate indefinite block. Furthermore, if another testwiki site on myht is found, me as part of the sysadmin team of myht, the user will be blocked from creating new wikis for plagarism.

All the best,

For-Test Wiki creator and system administrator

Matttestzh (talk) 05:05, 14 August 2023 (UTC)

Because we don't know why the heck you're doing here, visitor, a former administrator, bureaucrat, and interface administrator (a former contributor) has decided make some rules for this wiki, even though it's closed! Because some people couldn't be bothered to leave this wiki alone. So yeah, here are some rules, to prevent any sort of disruption from occurring to this wiki: (But never mind, it is not enforced or mandatory but optional and recommended)
  • You may maintain a user page and talk page. (account required)
    • But don't create or edit any pages other than the pages within the user, and user talk namespaces!
      • And don't be stupid by testing on this wiki, it's closeddddd (it's closed). And you should leave it alone!
  • Don't upload files. We can't trust anybody.
  • Don't create templates or modules. We can't trust anybody.
  • Use this talk page, and only this to discuss about the wiki.
  • Any user who has, or will bring vandalism forth to this wiki will have a warning note added to their user page by a trusted user since unfortunately, they can't be blocked. You will not get the desired reaction, so vandalism is not worth it!
  • So to any user who is or will be tempted to do a stupid thing to this wiki, think about that precious time (think about that previous time) you should be wasting on something productive instead! I'm saving you time. Therefore, listen to me, and close this tab!

That's it for now. Please follow them, thanks! ~ former For-Test Wiki contributor.

But this is not enforced. But you can follow them if you want. Joyous! (talk) 22:13, 27 March 2024 (UTC)

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