Jun 06, 2023

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TestWiki:Testing policy

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 This page presents information about an official For-Test Wiki policy.
Please ensure that you fully understand this page's contents. Even though For-Test Wiki is for testing, there are some important policies, including the one detailed on this page, that you should follow. This page is approved by the community and must not be modified without prior community consensus.

One of For-Test Wiki's commitments is to let users be able to test freely and retain their privacy by not logging anything as described in the privacy policy. However, in order to keep the community a friendly and enjoyable place, we need to have some basic rules, and this is one of the few policies that cover them. Therefore, please try to respect it as much as possible.

Use of block

Blocking is one of the main tools in MediaWiki on projects to prevent a user from editing that project. However, since For-Test Wiki is a Wiki project itself, there are are serious blocks placed by stewards/bureaucrats for those who violate our policies and make disruptive edits. These blocks are often labeled in the block summary as "Steward action" or "Serious block". While testing block/unblock, please refrain from unblocking these users. Please refer to the non-test action policy for more information on serious blocks.

You are free to place a test block to another user, but please don’t make the block active for more than 4 hours. It is also recommended that you seek the permission of the other user, or otherwise message them after you're done blocking/unblocking them to let them know about your tests.

You’re also allowed to create an alternate account and use your main account to test the blocking feature for any block duration.

Use of protection

You may protect any page you wish, but you should not unprotect serious pages that are protected to prevent vandalism. These protection are labeled clearly in the protection log. Please do not protect pages with "bureaucrat" unless it is a serious reason. If you really need to test the bureaucrat protection, please unprotect it in less than 1 hour.

Use of deletion

Pages that should not be deleted as a test are within Category:Non-test pages. Important pages like the user and user talk pages of other users should not be deleted too.


Due to the nature of this project, it's advised that you use common sense when carrying out your tests. Just make sure your activities does not hinder other users or otherwise cause harm to them, and always revert your edits after testing.