There will be a minor upgrade to MediaWiki 1.38.4 at 4/10/2022, from 10:00 UTC to 11:00 UTC. During that time, the database will be locked and the site will be read-only. Please save your edits 10 minutes before the upgrade starts. Thank you. --Matttestzh (talk) 09:08, 2 October 2022 (UTC)

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Welcome to For-Test Wiki,
a site for you to test the MediaWiki software freely.
About this wiki
For-Test Wiki is a place where you can test the tools of a MediaWiki administrator or bureaucrat freely. Unlike other test wikis, our commitment is to protect users' privacy. There is no forced JavaScript to browse or edit this site, no third party analytics, no Google reCaptcha which is criticized as a tool of surveillance, as well as no sharing of IP addresses to third parties so that you can test tools without being spied on. Feel free to request Administrator and Bureaucrat permissions at TestWiki:Request permissions.
Basic rules
Although this is a test wiki, in order to keep the community in a friendly and enjoyable place, we have some basic rules known as the policies. Please make sure you are familiar with the testing policy before you do any sysop actions here.
Although there are not too much extensions and skins by default so that the website will load faster, we can install MediaWiki extensions and skins upon your request! Simply make a request here.
Contact us
Need something? You can contact us by: