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Latest contributor:

Please revert all edits by this long-term vandal and report all ongoing incidents in addition to all suspected and confirmed sockpuppets of Mshecka here for investigation, request oversight of personal information and report legal threats and threats of harm. Should you have any issues regarding this, feel free to report at the corresponding talk page or contact Sophia K at her user talk page here. In addition, any issues can also be reported to Jawanrenton's talk page.

Mshecka (talk | contribs (deleted) | logs | checkuser) (aka Johckeo, Dbutes, Dilloganba, Jeschekoto, or Newa), is a long-term vandal on For-Test Wiki that was extremely uncooperative and can be offensive editing userpages. Since March 25, 2024 and it is currently ongoing, she has accounts that were purely used by herself for vandalism and other and various kinds of disruptive editing, including sockpuppeting, page blanking, vandalism, impersonating, harassing, etc. The severity of this long-term abuse is severe and very large that we may have to discuss about it. Mshecka usually creates sockpuppets with her usernames in English, but sometimes in Japanese. She can sometimes use non-regular Unicode characters such as ⅕. Mshecka can be identified as a sockmaster for various reasons as well as harassmaster and vandalismaster.

Mshecka had put several harassments and threats against User:Jawanrenton, and since teamed up with JarlaxleArtemis, Grawp, and Jmth fd1. See Special:History/User:Jawanrenton. Mshecka used to solely vandalize pages, but now has an aggressive persona and aggressively strong powers, especially with threats.

Clues[edit | edit source]

Mshecka has a bunch of sockpuppets. Clues:

  1. Usernames that contain "Mshecka", "Johckeo", "Newa", "Dilloganba", or "Dbutes".
  2. Possible Japanese translations.
  3. Usernames that impersonate Cobi, Makecat, or Acusir.
    • One username had impersonated Zippybonzo.

Habits[edit | edit source]

  • Creating sockpuppets to avoid being added to LTA.
  • Blanking pages, even the Main Page.
  • Spamming Japanese characters.
  • Addition of gibberish, for instance, [1], [2].
  • Some addition of random links, for instance, [3], [4].
  • Sometimes add profanity, for instance, [5], [6], [7], [8]. Additionally, [9] can closely resemble [10] (also done on the pages User talk:Awesome Aasim, User talk:Void, User:AlvaroMolina, and User talk:AlvaroMolina on
  • Sometimes may create usernames with information that may be taken as personal information, including the ZIP code. Feel free to report it here.
  • Vandalizing and disrupting the userpage User:Jawanrenton, especially gross harassment and several threats. Thus, for instance, [11] is the most offensive threat that Mshecka had ever made and it is very serious, and could also resemble [12] (also done on the pages User talk:Awesome Aasim, User talk:Void, User:AlvaroMolina, and User talk:AlvaroMolina on Trusted users, please revert as soon as possible if there is evidence of a sockpuppet reverting an edit by a trusted user.
  • Repeated criminal, physical, and emotional harassment. In case of this, treat it seriously.
  • Is known to be disruptive on other wikis: [13], [14].
  • Page-move vandalism.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

  • Dealing with the modus operandi: Revert all vandalism on sight and ensure all vandalism by this vandal is reverted as soon as possible and notify an user when possible. If you are unsure, bring it to a friendly user and ask about this topic. Simply revert, add, and ignore. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS!
  • Taking action: If you think your or other's personal information has been leaked, please revert this vandal. If you have threatened, please call 000, 110, 112, 911, or 999, or any other emergency around you. If you think you feel you want to harm yourself, please call 988 if you are in the United States.
  • Discussing about Mshecka's modus operandi: Please contact a friendly user as soon as possible.
Cases If Mshecka creates a new account

but without edits or logs

If Mshecka creates a new account

with logs but without edits

If Mshecka creates a new account

with edits and logs

Reporting Report to this page upon discovery. Report to this page when the logs are on sight. Report to this page as soon as possible.
Adding accounts Add the user. Add the user upon discovery. Add the user upon discovery and add a new group.
Reverting N/A Possibly N/A, unless the sock created a page. Revert edits as soon as possible.
Discussion Notify a friendly user. Notify a friendly user. Notify a friendly user upon discovery.

For friendly users that may be treated as administrators:

  • Tag confirmed sockpuppets as:

{{Sockpuppet|Mshecka}} See also: [[Mshecka Long-term abuse]]

  • Tag suspected sockpuppets as:

{{Suspected sockpuppet|Mshecka}} See also: [[Mshecka Long-term abuse]]

Confirmed and suspected accounts[edit | edit source]

A list of confirmed sockpuppets can be found here. A list of suspected sockpuppets can be found here.

Group 1[edit | edit source]

Evidence (some users): Special:Log/newusers/Mshecka, Special:Log/newusers/Mshecka20

Group 2[edit | edit source]

Evidence: Special:Log/newusers/Mshecka4, Special:Log/newusers/Johckeo

Group 3[edit | edit source]

Evidence: Special:Log/newusers/Mshecka28

Confirmed that Amusir, Acosir, and Acumsir are all impersonations of Acusir, and that some had impersonated Cobi.

Group 4[edit | edit source]

Group 5[edit | edit source]

Evidence: Special:Log/newusers/Mshecka⅕

Group 6[edit | edit source]

Please see other socks at (some of the evidence may be founded here): Special:Log/newusers/Shuin2

Contributions[edit | edit source]

These are examples of Mshecka's long-term abuse contributions. Please note this LTA may blank pages or revert edits by legitimate users.

6 April 2024

6 April 2024

10 April 2024

27 March 2024

26 March 2024

10 April 2024

25 March 2024